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Lilly Is Reliable And Totally Dedicated To Her Clients

Lilly has organised a number of trips for me over the last few years.  She has an amazing array of information and experience at her fingertips and always comes up with a gem or two that have ended up being a highlight of our trips.  Lilly is reliable and totally dedicated to her clients and will work tirelessly to assure you have a fabulous trip. If you’re dreaming or planning a trip, I highly recommend Lilly.  She is my “go-to” travel consultant.

Patricia Hanlon

Everything Is Possible With Wendy And Her Team

I was introduced to Wendy in March 2019 by a mutual friend in a social setting. At the time I was trying to find good business class fares to Europe for the coming July. There appeared to be very little available. Within two hours she responded with an extensive list of options. By the end of the day we had finessed a perfect itinerary at a very competitive price. I have used Global ever since and never encountered one glitch or problem. Everything is possible with Wendy and her team. In this current global situation, Wendy and Lilly again proved themselves to be efficient and pro-active as they re-routed, refunded and rescheduled flights ensuring that all our family’s 2020 bookings were “undone” in the most beneficial way. Wendy has also assisted with my business arranging international complex ever-changing itineraries for high profile guests ( based in Milan and Dublin) all who describe her as the best travel agent they have ever worked with. What a team!

Marie-Louise Theile

Creative Director

Booking My Holidays With The Ladies At Global Jet Setting Since 2014

On my trip from Budapest to Amsterdam,  there was a bouquet of flowers in the room and box of chocolate from the Ladies at Global.

I have been booking my holidays with the Ladies at Global Jet Setting since 2014.  Lyn has been looking after me and she has been exceptional in the way she has organised all my trips.  I enjoyed the Ladies only trip which was organised by Lyn and Wendy, last year, I know we all had a great time, Seeing Roma, staying in the in Villa in Tuscany, and the cruise on the Ponant in the Agean Sea, then finally Venice. Thank you Lyn, Wendy and the ladies of Global Jet Setting.

Cheryl Jaye

Goes Above And Beyond In Her Efforts To Secure The Best Travel Deal For Us

We have had the pleasure of working with Wendy over several years. She displays a vast knowledge of travel requirements and is very knowledgeable in providing a detailed itinerary for our holidays. Wendy is always prompt in advising us of the latest travel updates and goes above and beyond in her efforts to secure the best travel deal for us. Our meetings with Wendy are organised and she always has several options and scenarios for us to peruse. We trust her judgement comply.

Peter and Louise Kenny

It’s Personal Attention Like This That Keeps Us Coming Back

My mother and I booked a holiday in Singapore late last year to celebrate mum’s birthday with family members who live there.  Lilly looked after everything for us quickly and efficiently.  Our flights, hotel, transfers, and travel insurances were all booked and paid for during the one appointment.  During our holiday, on the day of mum’s birthday, we were very pleasantly surprised to find a personal greeting for mum delivered to our hotel from Lilly and Global Jetsetting.  It’s personal attention like this that keeps us coming back to the wonderful team at Global.

Lillian B

We Found In Her All What Frequent Travellers Look For

We are very pleased to provide a testimonial for Lilly Rutherford who has been our travel consultant for many of our travels, including small group tours, private tours and cruises. She has been fantastic, and we found in her all what frequent travellers look for. Lilly has arranged tours to many countries including those in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America. We could not ask for a better travel consultant as she listens and takes the time to understand what we want and is happy to make changes that we often ask!! Lilly keeps us apprised of anything that is happening with our bookings and if we need any information she is always there. Lilly has a very pleasant personality and knows her business very well. Nothing has been hard for her. Lilly genuinely cares about her clients and will go above and beyond the call of duty. We hope to have a long travel relationship with her.

David and Sulo Thambiratnam


Always Responds To A Query Immediately

I have been using Global Jetsetting for all my personal travel bookings since 2016.  By good fortune, Lilly was the first person I spoke to in the organisation to arrange my travel booking to Ireland in 2016 and now she is the first person I contact to discuss arrangements for all my travel bookings.  The majority of my travel involves long-haul flights, with a preference to fly business class or premium economy.  Lilly always sources me the best deal available, ensures connection times are that sweet-spot between allowing sufficient time to stretch the legs and not too short where a slight delay in the transfer leaves you anxious about missing the connecting flight.  I find dealing with Lilly always a pleasure and fun.  She wades through all the “noise”, is courteous, accommodating and ALWAYS responds to a query immediately or within 24 hours.  Lilly Rutherford is Global Jetsetting.  Thanks Lilly for your support to date……and for those yet to be planned trips!

Clement McAteer

Nothing Is Ever A Problem And Always Done With A Smile

We have booked several holidays with Lyn Carter from Global Jetsetting.  She has always been very efficient and has made good suggestions regarding our holidays which we have always appreciated.  Nothing is ever a problem and always done with a smile.  Every detail has been taken care of and she has always tried to obtain the best price and there has never been a problem with any of our bookings.  We would recommend Lyn to anyone wanting a hassle free holiday.

Charlie and Leonie

The Thought Of Travel Can Be A Very Daunting Experience

I have been a widow for many years and the thought of travel can be a very daunting experience……not with Lily at the helm.  Everything goes like clockwork.  I have been lucky enough to have Lilly in my life since 2016.

Nothing is too much trouble and she is always willing to go that extra mile to make you have complete confidence with her efforts. I could not recommend her more highly.

We love you Lilly.

In Our Travels With Lyn, There Has Never Been A Hiccup

So if you’ve always thought that planning a trip is as much fun as doing the trip, then you’ve never had it done for you! Since meeting Lyn at Global Jetsetting we have nothing but praise for the sensitive fulfilment of our expectations, without any fuss. Great accommodation, quality transportation, exciting sightseeing & adventures to suit our needs and our budget. We certainly haven’t missed comparing motel rooms, train timetables & researching times that galleries/ cathedrals/ other attractions are open. All done, no frustration. To be honest, in our travels with Lyn, there has never been a hiccup.

Janette Hepburn

Over Twenty Five Tours For Us To Every Continent

Wendy has been our travel agent since she and Lyn acquired Global Jetsetting. In that time she has in her lovely, friendly manner organised over twenty five tours for us to every continent. She has provided us with exceptional service and advice that has enabled us to enjoy stress free travel experiences.

Wendy has given us confidence with her organising ability to change us in her quiet efficient way from novice, naive tourists to confident travellers. She always has a smile while using her skills to obtain the easiest and less expensive way to travel. We thank her for all the help and guidance she has given to us. Wendy has become a valued friend as well as an extraordinary travel agent.

Fred and Margaret Goeths

Lilly Was Completely Professional and Very Friendly

Earlier this year, Lilly helped me organise a tour of Europe (including Turkey) which was to take place in July and August. I was very happy with the airline and tour reservations she made. Lilly was completely professional and very friendly at the same time. Her paperwork was always exemplary. When the time came to cancel my holiday, Lilly successfully obtained credit for me on all my airfares and tours. This was at a time when she could reasonably expect to feel snowed under. I found that Lilly responded in detail to all my concerns. Her manner is invariably friendly, and I am happy with the care she has shown me.

Barbara Ashwood

B.A., J.P

Thank You So Much for Helping Us All To Get Our Big Kids Home to Australia

Lilly and Wendy, I would just like to send you a big hug to say thank you so much for helping us all to get our big kids home to Australia, I have heard from Tricia how helpful you were and how you went above and beyond to make this possible, I know I for one I was an emotional mess and couldn’t see my way out of a paper bag so again thanks for being there.

Caroline Martin

Wendy Has Been Managing Our Travel Adventures for Over 10 Years

Wendy has been managing our travel adventures for over 10 years. Her wealth of experience and vast network of contacts together with personalised and friendly service means she knows what level of comfort and security we enjoy, while at the same time securing a range of travel experiences from organised tours to individually created itineraries most recently in India and Uzbekistan! Wendy’s meticulous attention to detail ensures value for money and smooth connections at every level guaranteeing a fabulous holiday. Wendy is always available to attend to any problems that might arise during our travel planning or while we are away. We will continue to rely on Wendy and her team at Global Jetsetting to make our travel dreams a reality.

Christine and Brendon Gibb

The Team at Global Jetsetting Always Make Me Feel Special

Wendy, Lyn and the team at Global Jetsetting always make me feel special when I book a holiday. They still love me even though I change my mind about dates (and pretty much everything else) about ten times until I settle on the perfect trip. They get the best prices and really care about my experience. My whole family have been looked after by Globaljetsetting – from the boys being organised as unaccompanied minors when they were little, to now they are grown up and planning their own trips. My parents also travelled with the help of Wendy. I’d trust her, Lyn and the team to take me anywhere and to get me home feeling like a queen.

Debora Osborne


Honestly, Wendy is part of our family

Some years ago, Wendy became my family’s travel agent. She soon became my friends’ travel agent and even my associates’ agent. Why? Wendy is not only an incredibly energetic and resourceful person but she is honest and clear. She has great knowledge of her market and gives all of us the benefit of all of her work and efforts every time. Wendy arranged my birthday in Naxos Greece for 60 people, the intimate holiday for my wife and I in Koe Samui and my son’s business trips to Asia as well as my brother in law’s wide-ranging trips around the world to Italy, the US and the Caribbean. Honestly, Wendy is part of our family, part of our friends and has saved us in these times of pandemic conditions when all her work was about refunds. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

James Bell


Highly professional with an eye for detail

Lilly is a wonderful travel consultant who is highly professional with an eye for detail. She listens to requirements to ensure what is important to us gets done. Lilly is always patient and accommodating, and as a result of the Coronavirus impact on travel Lilly has been especially helpful and considerate in reorganising our plans already in place and ensuring our best interests are looked after at a difficult time. It is a pleasure to recommend Lilly to anyone seeking a competent and friendly travel consultant.

Jill and David

I could not ask for a better travel consultant to look after us

I have known Lilly Rutherford for over 2 years and we can’t say enough about Lilly who is a Luxury Cruise Specialist at Global Jetsetting. I could not ask for a better travel consultant to look after us, she listens and takes the time to understand what is important to us. Lilly keeps us apprised of anything that is happening with our booking, is constantly in touch with Viking if there are any questions that need to be answered and is always there if I need to speak with her. During this uncertain and unprecedented time of the CORVID-19 Virus and everyone’s travel being cancelled, Lilly has been constantly there for us in helping to rebook the cruise and informing us of any changes that pop up. Lilly is very polite and friendly and knows her product. Nothing is too hard for Lilly, she genuinely cares about her clients and will go above and beyond for them. I hope to have a long travel relationship with her.

Peta Brough

Lyn is proactive and always there, especially when you need her.

We have been dealing with Lyn Carter & Globaljetsetting for over 5 years, to organise incredible holidays all over the world.  Without fail, Lyn has been efficient, communicative, incredibly knowledgeable and come up with some great pricing including airfares. Even in the current world pandemic, she has been absolutely incredible in cancelling and recovering monies we had paid for a European holiday. Lyn is proactive and always there, especially when you need her. We have no hesitation in recommending both her and Global Jetsetting.

Mark & Carol Trundle

Here are some of our favourite testimonials written by you

If One Is Looking For A Professional Travel Agency Then You Need To Look No Further Than Global Jetsetting…

Last year we undertook a round-the-world voyage that included many destinations, places to stay, cruises, hire cars, hotels, trains and planes. It was a veritable jigsaw of events where timing, organization and coordination were critical to making it all come together and work.

Which is why we elected this time to seek the assistance of a travel agent to make it all work, rather than try and do it ourselves on-line. And that is why we walked through the doors of a local “boutique” travel agent, Global Jetsetting…

And that is where we met a young lady by the name of Lilly Rutherford, who put it all together, and off we went on a voyage of a lifetime… Brisbane to Sydney, a cruise to Vancouver, flights to Toronto, Newfoundland, Dublin Ireland,  Wales, England, Scotland, Norway, cruise to the Arctic circle,  train to Oslo, plane to Dusseldorf Germany and then back to Australia via Dubai.

 All went to plan with one exception… one of the tour operators that our Arctic cruise was booked through had gone belly up so we were in danger of losing our up-front payment. But a phone call from Lilly at about 7 am where we were staying in Scotland and we were assured that it was all fixed and that the cruise would go ahead without any loss or extra cost to us.

In conclusion, if one is looking for a professional travel agency then you need to look no further than Global Jetsetting… and make sure you ask for Lilly Rutherford… a caring, experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable, professional travel agent. If and when we go again, Global Jetsetting and Lilly Rutherford be warned… we will be back! And many thanks for what you did.

P.S. Had we booked the Artic cruise on-line we would have lost a substantial amount of $$$. Lesson learned!!!

Bob and Cathy Gower


We Had a Very Persuasive Travel Agent…

Wendy has been our travel agent since she and Lyn opened in Mt Gravatt. We were her first customers. 

Each year I front up with some requests I think to be impossible.  That is a word that means “challenge” to Wendy.  She always listens to our suggestions and comes back with her thoughts on how we can achieve our aim – we always do.    

Now that time is starting to catch up with us it is great to be able to draw on Wendy’s vast knowledge of the quality products available.

I recall arriving in remote northern Finland with our daughter and her 3 children expecting to be accommodated in 2 hotels rooms.  Instead, we were escorted to a nice newish building and taken to a 3 bedroom fully self-contained unit style apartment that was much closer to the central dining and entertainment areas and far superior to the hotel rooms.  When I queried this with our host the reply was that we had a very persuasive travel agent.

Jim Stephen


It Was a Lucky Day We Walked Into The Shop in McGravatt…

I just wanted to share a quick note and to let you and your team know how gratefully we are for the excellent job you do in planning, arranging and supporting us during our travels. I am so glad we decided to work with you and for you to manage our many travel arrangement for not only my husband & I but also daughter Imogen.  They have always been a huge success.

The fact that you were able to salvage a trip following the cancellation of a long awaited cruise which completely devastated us.  We thought we were going to have to walk away from the whole thing.  But not you, with all your hard work you were able to get us on another voyage of similar size and quality vessel at the last minute which was no mean feat.  The new cruise turns out to be even better than the previous one planned as it allowed us to visit a number of other countries that were absolutely fantastic at a price that was less than the previous cruise.

Now during these very difficult times with Corvid-19 you are still working so hard to salvage what you can of our planned trip to the UK in August 2020. I know you will achieve the best result possible.

I would like to sincerely thank you and your team for being the best ever Travel Agent, it was a lucky day we walked into the shop in McGravatt

Catherine Berry


From the moment I sat down Lilly made me feel like a long lost friend

I would like to thank all the staff at Global Jetsetting for all the wonderful help and support they have given me in my dealings with them.  I know it is difficult times for them at present but I am sure they are all working hard and will be ready once this travel debacle is over and everyone is ready to take off again.  I am sure there will be plenty of clients waiting at their doors on that first day of opening.

In particular I would like to express my sincere thanks to Lilly for all the incredible hard work she has done for me personally.  The first time I had the pleasure of meeting Lilly was shortly after my husband had passed away.  I had called into the shops to buy some fish food and for some unknown reason walked into Global.  Lilly was the first person I spoke to and I just remember saying to this young lady (that I had never met before), “I would like to book a holiday”.  I had no idea where I wanted to go, when I wanted to go, actually I had no idea about anything at all.  From the moment I sat down Lilly made me feel like a long lost friend.  She had that huge infectious smile on her face which she always seems to have.  So I booked a holiday that day and a second holiday for the same year within a couple of weeks.  Nothing is too much trouble for Lilly.  She organises everything down to the finest detail.  The only job Lilly does not do is pack my bags which is the thing I hate doing myself.  Maybe we could work on that for my next holiday.

Thank you Lilly for just being you. Thank you Global for having the foresight to employ the delightful Lilly.

Kay Nilsson


A Person of Impeccable Character, Integrity, Professionalism and Genuine Sincerity…

I have known Lyn since early 2009 through my innumerable dealings for travel requirements planned and completed by her personally at her Travel Agency and consider Lyn a person of impeccable character, integrity, professionalism and genuine sincerity.

As an owner partner of a long-standing Travel Agency business, she is responsible for the administration, staffing and direct client communication on a daily basis. It is not uncommon for Lyn to be working seven days to look after and provide her clients best available solutions when required and this dedication and expertise, regardless of the complexity of the travel issue at hand, will always be met with priority and professionalism to ensure her clients’ requirements and safety are attained. I can personally attest to this and she has always provided me and others with positive travel solutions and outcomes.

Lyn is an efficient, detailed, organised and competent person and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. I have and will continue to highly recommend Lyn’s business and her personally to current and future clients and business associations.

Gary Sue See


Exceptionally Welcoming Whenever We Go Into The Shopfront With Questions Or Concerns…

We have had a long and fantastic relationship with Lyn having booked many trips through Global Jetsetting since 2013. We have, without exception, found Lyn extremely helpful and professional in her approach and especially in her patience and understanding of our sometimes particular requirements – nothing ever seems to be a problem. On many occasions, Lyn’s wealth of knowledge of the travel industry has allowed her to answer our many enquiries confidently on the spot or enables her to source information quickly to ease our minds. Lyn’s focus is always on our needs and willingly incorporates things that we have discovered into the arrangements to ensure our trip is enjoyable for us. Lyn advises us quickly of any changes to travel arrangements or airline bookings to keep us well informed about our upcoming trips and is able to offer suitable alternatives where changes do occur. Lyn is exceptionally welcoming whenever we go into the shopfront with questions or concerns. We consider the personal service and the attention to detail as a big determinant in making the decision to trust Lyn and Global Jetsetting with our travel arrangements.

Margaret and Dennis Brown


That personal extensive knowledge is hard to find…

Wendy & Lyn & their team have looked after my Companies & my families travel arrangement since they were just a small travel agency at Mt Gravatt. Even when they grew to 2 service outlets the personalised service has remained the same. Very few service businesses can attain this over time, to remain personalised. Wendy & Lyn have both travelled extensively so know all the great things & problems that can be encountered. That personal extensive knowledge is hard to find. Even when Wendy was sitting with her daughter after just having their first grandchild she took my call & got me out of trouble, again! There is a mirid of travel agencies to get you cheap flights. There are very few who can understand what you want in travel & make friendly recommendations that rarely miss the mark. Wendy as booked us around the world, whether Europe, Africa, Honolulu, China or the USA she has looked after my family & my business colleague or our staff with the same level of care & service. However when travelling especially for business things change, travel times, destinations – it’s not nicely planned travel. Wendy has got me out of cities when the flight I was booked on was cancelled, Changed flights mid travel. Got me & my staff out of the Islands with limited service at 20 mins notice so we didn’t get caught with Australian border closures. This is what makes Wendy, Lyn & their team unique.

Ray Mergard   


When choosing to travel with Wendy, she always considers our desires and needs…

Ten years ago my husband and I walked into Wendy’s shop, Global Jetsetting, in Mt Gravatt. My husband wanted to travel but I was a reticent traveller. Wendy carefully addressed my concerns and encouraged me to challenge my fears and venture forth to worlds unknown. Over the years since then, with Wendy’s help, we have travelled to many amazing places in our beautiful world.  As we dreamed of adventures Wendy’s extensive knowledge of booking flights enabled us to obtain seats on flights other travel consultants said was not possible. She always considers what flights will work best for us – best times to leave and return with the minimum number of stopovers and layovers.  When choosing a cruise she knows the best boats to travel on for that destination and the best side of the boat along with the best cabin to suit our needs. When choosing to travel with Wendy, she always considers our desires and needs and matches these with companies that will suit us. Her extensive knowledge of places to go, things to see and do has served us wonderfully well us over the years.

Wendy is friendly and welcoming. She always has a smile and waves whether we are just passing her office or have an appointment to discuss travel plans. We look forward to using her services again (and again) in the years to come. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to plan a great holiday. Thank you Wendy.

Iain and Sadie Praeger


Talented and experienced human always beats online…

Wendy has been our travel agent of choice for many years and has never let us down. She has a huge knowledge of first and business class travel and the ability and determination to ferret out the best deals without compromising quality.  We have spent many hours at the computer beating the vagaries of airline reservation systems to secure the best fares and routings. In an era when people are turning to online bookings, she and her team continually show that a talented and experienced human always beats online not just in price but in being there when things go wrong and help is needed!

Kerry and Celia Lanza




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